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Studio 1

Studio 1 is our premium recording and mixing studio. Centred around an SSL AWS console locked to a Pro Tools rig, Studio 1 feautres state of the art new and old equipment. It has natural light and line of sight into our fully sound proof and purpuse built live room, perfect for bands, ensembles, grand piano and voce over recordings.

Studio 1 also shines as a mixing room with plenty monitoring options from our Dynaudio M3 far fields to our Bryston powered Ns-10s. You're never far from the ideal listening position while adjusting our Bricasti M7 Reverb or riding the La2a compressor on the lead vocal.


  • SSL AWS console

  • Avid io converters

  • Dynaudio M3, Bm6, Tannoy System 12 and Briston Powered NS-10 monitors

  • Analog systems modular synth

  • Pre-amps from Neve, Portico, Api, Telefunken, Focusrite and more

  • Analogue tape delays like the legendary Roland RE501 Chorus Echo, GBS Analogue stereo spring reverb

  • Pro Tools Ultimate, UAD Satelite Octo

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