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Studio 2

Studio 2 is comprised of two interconnected, small but versatile production rooms. One is setup as a control room and the other as a recording booth, making it ideal for vocal recording and production sessions. A huge array of plugins and software makes this a great choice for editing and smaller overdub sessions.

With the computer being outside the control room, Studio 2 makes for a noise free environment to record your next podcast or VO job. With access to the same fantastic array of professional microphones enjoyed by the other studios, Apogee converters and great monitoring options from DynAudio and Genelc we think this room offers something special at an unbeatable price point.


  • Apple Mac Pro computer outside the conrol room for silent operation running both Pro Tools and Logic

  • Izotope RX, melodyne, auto-tune, all Fabfilter, all Soundtoys, all plugin alliance plugins and much more

  • Apogee Ensemble 8 i/o interface

  • Dynaudio Air 15 and Genelec 8020 Monitors

  • Access to huge line-up of microphones

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